For vet services in Karalee, ask Dr Rod Stephenson of mobile vet services PAC Vets. With decades of experience with both small and large animals, Rod also lives in nearby Anstead, understanding local issues that affect your pet or livestock.

For small and large animals, your mobile local Karalee vet can come during the week or on weekends and after hours.  Contact Rod today for more information and Vet services in Karalee.

Equine Dentals

Dentals for horses for sale or beloved family pets are available through PAC Vets. Mobile Animal Equine Dentistry is available so call today!

Digital X-Rays

PAC Vets are proud to offer mobile digital x-ray services for large and small animals. The mobile x-ray machine allows for quick diagnosis and extensive analysis of injury and medical conditions.


All standard vaccinations for household pets as well as livestock and dairy cattle.

Accident & Emergency

Quick response for accident and emergency cases. Mobile practice can meet you onsite or at Rosewood Veterinary Clinic for assistance.

Vet Checks

Industry standard Equine Vet Checks for pre-sale animals. These are accompanied by a detailed outcome report. Organise your pre-sale vet check today!

Spaying & General

Spaying and general medical services for small and large animals

Nutrition Programs

Development of nutrition programs and advice for cattle, sheep, horses as well as small animals.

Feedlot Consulting

Feedlot Consulting advice on a range of issues.