Our mission

PAC Vets Veterinary Services wants to provide a mobile veterinary service that focuses on the well-being of both small animals and large animals.

Core Services

  • Advice on basic Animal Husbandry

  • Vaccinations and disease control

  • Emergency services

  • Regular check-ups

  • Consultative services about feedlot and agricultural decisions.

Our experience

Veterinary Services - 40+ years
Nutrition and Health
Feedlot Advice
Community Liason


Dr Rod Stephenson has completed both a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Veterinary Science.

This combined with over 30 years experience as a livestock veterinarian in both research and business endeavours makes him a highly qualified and knowledable source for animal care and husbandry.
Specific knowledge on nutrition can further increase the well-being and general healthiness of the pets and animals Rod deal’s with.

More about Rod

Bachelor and Masters Degrees

Dr Rod Stephenson obtained a Bachelors and Masters in Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland.

35+ Years Experience

Rod has over 35 years experience as a livestock veterinarian in both research and business endeavors making him a highly qualified and knowledgeable source for animal are and husbandry.

Nutrition Knowledge

Rod has extensive knowledge in nutrition specifically in relation to increasing wool production and specific seasonal dietary modifications.


With over 30 scientific journal and conference publications Rod has knowledge in areas including artificial reproduction, nutrition, environmental physiology, feedstuff technology and farming systems.

Exotic Disease

Clinical and epidemiological procedures to control Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK have been backed up with subsequent accreditation [APAV] with exotic disease preparedness leading to roles in the containment and eventual eradication of the Equine Influenza outbreak in South East Queensland.